Why I’m a Calminian—Interview with Walter Beachy

I will never be able to completely mesh the sovereignty of God over against the free will of man. But I believe the Bible teaches both and maybe that’s why I have said in public teaching that I am a “Calminian.” I have confidence in my salvation like a good, persuaded Calvinist and I have carefulness about how I live like a persuaded Arminian. Continue reading Why I’m a Calminian—Interview with Walter Beachy

Beating Guns

Followers of Christ, whether or not they are interested in guns, will find much to ponder in the book’s overriding themes: the transforming nature of Christ-like love; creative ways to reclaim and redeem domain under the control of violence and Satan; increased awareness of a serious problem in American politics and society; and the reminder that except for hunting purposes, those who follow the “Prince of Peace” should not be associated with the gun culture. Continue reading Beating Guns