A Warning To The Church About Critical Theory

Injustice, oppression, inequality, systemic racism, implicit bias, intersectionality, minoritization, hegemonic power, privilege, allyship, antiracism, reparations, empowerment, social justice. These terms (and many more) are being heavily used in modern discourse about ensuring equality and justice for all people in the United States. Some of these terms are likely familiar while others are obscure. Continue reading A Warning To The Church About Critical Theory

Beating Guns

Followers of Christ, whether or not they are interested in guns, will find much to ponder in the book’s overriding themes: the transforming nature of Christ-like love; creative ways to reclaim and redeem domain under the control of violence and Satan; increased awareness of a serious problem in American politics and society; and the reminder that except for hunting purposes, those who follow the “Prince of Peace” should not be associated with the gun culture. Continue reading Beating Guns

American Gospel: Christ Alone

My four-year-old nephew knows that gardens are good, and rabbits are not. Rabbits who come hopping into the backyard to munch his mother’s garden are, in his own words, “badder than false preachers!”

False preachers don’t always come into our backyards and brazenly munch at our theology. But they do come to public platforms and bookshelves with some convincing arguments, some personal testimonials, and some Bible verses to back them up. Continue reading American Gospel: Christ Alone