“Is Your Church Effective?” Survey Results


The past few years I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of young Christians. I love hearing what they are excited about and what their hopes and dreams are for the future. World traveling, mission trips, conferences, voluntary service, college, and good paying jobs are more accessible than ever. These things elicit much excitement and many are taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by our freedom and prosperity.

Don’t get me wrong these are good things. Yet, when the conversation turns to the local church it is not uncommon to find indifference or frustration. This is not the only cause but chasing good things may lead to the neglect of foundational things. I believe my generation’s dream for lasting global impact is inextricably linked to Gospel-grounded local churches. We must embrace the local church as God’s primary means of spreading His kingdom. In our pursuit of Jesus Christ we must develop a bold vision and ardent love for the people of Jesus Christ: the church of the living God.

In 1 Timothy 3:14-16 Paul describes the church as a pillar and foundation of the truth. Imagine with me the world as a vast, chaos-filled storm. In the midst of confusion stands the church, a haven of rest for the weary.

Truth is not just a thing to be defended but also a Rescuer to be cherished. In the context of this passage Paul notes that the church must hold fast to the things written. They must believe, teach, and proclaim Jesus Christ incarnate. The task is not that complicated: obey the written Word, delight in the living God, and confound unbelievers by the love and unity displayed in the household of God. All of this is to begin and flow out of the local body. God has seen fit to display His glory through a redeemed family, albeit quirky. In this present age the church is the epicenter of the kingdom of God on earth.

Radi-Call undertook this survey because we believe the church of Christ is invaluable to the continued advance of Gospel. Our desire is to encourage our generation to wholeheartedly invest in their local churches. May the results of this survey help us better understand the strengths and weaknesses in our churches.

Radi-Call Survey 2017.001Radi-Call Survey 2017.002Radi-Call Survey 2017.003Radi-Call Survey 2017.004Radi-Call Survey 2017.005Radi-Call Survey 2017.006Radi-Call Survey 2017.007Radi-Call Survey 2017.008Radi-Call Survey 2017.009Radi-Call Survey 2017.010Radi-Call Survey 2017.011Radi-Call Survey 2017.012Radi-Call Survey 2017.013Radi-Call Survey 2017.014Radi-Call Survey 2017.015Radi-Call Survey 2017.016Radi-Call Survey 2017.017Radi-Call Survey 2017.018Radi-Call Survey 2017.019

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