M.K. Perspectives – Part 1

It was actually immersing into the Thai culture, if we could go to church with them and do things with the church family. It’s not necessarily like their services were different—the same praise and worship, and the message, and you know, sharing times and stuff, but they just did it in their own way. Continue reading M.K. Perspectives – Part 1

Why I’m a Calminian—Interview with Walter Beachy

I will never be able to completely mesh the sovereignty of God over against the free will of man. But I believe the Bible teaches both and maybe that’s why I have said in public teaching that I am a “Calminian.” I have confidence in my salvation like a good, persuaded Calvinist and I have carefulness about how I live like a persuaded Arminian. Continue reading Why I’m a Calminian—Interview with Walter Beachy