2019 Year in Review

As we come to the end of the another year, we are thankful for your support. You, loyal reader, are the reason we write. And we’re grateful for your faithful involvement as we together wrestle through the issues of life.

We’ve assembled a collection of articles from this past year for your enjoyment, our picks for your discovery – or re-discovery!

Top 5 Articles by Views

  1. Why I Refuse to Carry the Internet in My Pocket
    Gideon Yutzy | 828 Views 
  2. Why I’m Thinking About Voting
    Ian Miller | 770 Views 
  3. Musical Notes with Lyle Stutzman (an interview)
    Troy Stauffer | 702 Views 
  4. Marriage and Millennials
    Aaron Beery | 623 Views 
  5. I-Centered Christianity
    Aaron Beery | 566 Views

Our Recommendations


  1. Jesus but not the Church?
    Matt Jantzi
  2. Are Spiritual Gifts for Today?
    Julian Stoltzfus


  1. Caution: Conversation Hearts Ahead
    Carmen Yoder
  2. Commenting like Christ
    Daniel Yutzy


  1. American Gospel: Christ Alone
    Amanda Wenger
  2. Defining Deception
    Ruthie Stoltzfus


  1. Does God Want Us to Have Fun?
    Meghan Brubaker
  2. Gray Hairs and Great Uncles
    Sadie Beery

We’d love your feedback! Which article hit the top of your list this year? Comment below.

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